About Us

Cork Niche Fragrances is a family story that revolves around love, care and passion for artistic perfumery. Our store is the cross road between fine perfumery and true lovers of the art.

We are an Cork based store, located at the heart of the city. Our store stands as the ultimate place for those of us in search for uniqueness, style and with a perfected taste for all things fragrances.

Artistic perfumery creates an  enchanted world where emotions and memories are captured through the expression of the olfactory art. Yes, perfumery is an art, a fleeting one as that, because of its nature perfume can never be truly possessed but rather desired.

We source our fragrances directly from the creators themselves or their official distributor, all our fragrances are authentic and in alignment with the creator's values.

One of the world renowned perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena once said "What I know is that in order to enchant you, to charm you, to tempt you, to influence you, to fascinate you, in a word, to win you over, I have to manipulate and make a show of what I know; to make the perfume desirable".